Tips on how to stay cool and beat the heat on a hot Disneyland day!

How to Stay Cool on a HOT Disneyland Day!

I went to Disneyland this past week and it was so dang hot! It was in the mid 90’s and the air was still. I felt like the sun was bigger and closer than it had ever been! I had convinced my good friend to come along that day and she was hesitant because of the forecast. Well, let’s just say she kinda hated me that day!! I didn’t blame her. It was funny, I noticed how quickly our mood changed. One moment we were outside in the blistering heat, yelling at each other and we were all grumpy and the moment we entered an air conditioned ride – we were so joyful and elated. Needless to say, we weren’t as prepared as we could have been but I learned my lesson.

So thanks to that experience, I have compiled a list of things you can do to help you cool off during a hot day at Disneyland or Disney’s California Adventure. Otherwise, you and your family just might have a miserable time being hot and uncomfortable, and they might kinda hate you too… and what a terrible shame that would be! Read on to find out my tips and advice for staying cool on a hot Disneyland (or Disney’s California Adventure) day!

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