How to Get Your Disneyland “Fix”

A few ways to get your Disneyland Fix when you can't physically be at Disneyland

Right now I am having some serious Disneyland withdrawals.

I am a Southern California annual passholder, but I only carry the “Select” pass (meaning I can only go on weekdays during non-peak times). Since it is mid-June, that means my pass is going to be blocked out for the next 2 months!

So, since I can’t be AT “the Happiest Place on Earth,” I can at least pretend to be! Here are some ways I get my “Disneyland Fix” when I can’t be at the park.

It’s like you’re walking around Disneyland – I LOVE this game!!!

1. Play the “Disneyland Adventures” Kinect video game (pictured above, right – click here to find it on Amazon).
This is my number one favorite Disneyland-themed thing to do when I can’t go the park because it is really like taking a virtual trip to Disneyland. You get to walk around the ENTIRE Disneyland park – every detail is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING: the park benches, the people walking around chatting, the background music and sounds, the giant marble fountain in Tomorrowland, and tons more tiny details that make this game feel like you are really at the park. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GAME!!! Every Disneyphile absolutely needs to get it, especially if you have kids! You meet up with characters who give you missions (for example, Ariel asks you to find her some “Dinglehoppers” and you have to follow the pixie dust and try to find 3 forks). You And don’t just take my word for it – read the reviews on Amazon. Not only that, this game is very reasonably priced. (Please note that this game only works with Xbox Kinect, which is a video camera that senses your movement and allows you to participate in the game using your body and hand gestures.)

Amazing video game that allows you to

The other game pictured above is similar to the Toy Story Midway Mania ride (one of our favorite rides!) in Disney’s California Adventure, and is made for Nintendo Wii (I believe they also make it for Xbox). Honestly, it’s not my favorite and I can see a lot of room for improvement, but the kids seem like it. Click here to check out Toy Story Mania on Amazon.

2. Go to YouTube and search for your favorite rides and shows.
A lot of users have uploaded their home videos of rides and I like to watch videos of It’s a Small World, World of Color and some of our other favorite shows. It’s not as good as actually being there, but it’s enough to get me through the day :)

3. Watch vacation specials and videos. At the time of writing this, Netflix has streaming videos about Disneyland and other Disney Parks. Check it out!

4. Listen to Disneyland Music. Create a Disneyland music station on Pandora or check out Disneyland Soundtrack Music on Amazon for the happy sounds of Main Street, the parades, rides like Pirates of the Caribbean, It’s a Small World, the Tiki Room, the Disneyland Railroad, Space Mountain music, and more… Turn this music on while pinning Disneyland photos, and you’ll get that happy Disneyland feeling :)

5. Checkout Howard Johnson’s “Mattercam”. It’s a rotating live video stream of both Disneyland and California Adventure.

Check out our Free Printable Jedi Training Academy “Pick Me” signs:

Jedi Training Academy Printable Pick Me Signs for Disneyland

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A few ways to get your Disneyland Fix when you can't physically be at Disneyland

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